I’ve arrived in Himeji / 姫路に着いた!

Well, I’ve actually been here for a little over a day now, but until right now I literally had no time to spare. The last 48 hours have been completely insane!

Although I have loads of things to talk about, I’m going to limit this post to just my hotel room. It’s very compact, but has everything one could possibly need. I love it!

(Sorry for the messy appearance… I wish I had a chance to take pictures before I unpacked my things).

The power turns on when you insert your room key into this little thingy, so there is no way to accidentally leave the lights & a/c on when you’re not inside of your room. Eco-friendly!

Here is my awesome little bathroom! It is literally the smallest bathroom I have ever seen in my life, but it’s actually very comfortable. I’m a pretty petite person, though; I’d imagine a tall/large man would probably have trouble dealing with the compactness of the space. I’m also super happy that there is a convenient little shampoo/soap dispenser inside the shower so that I don’t have to purchase those things.

Hee hee.

My room even comes with a little water heater to make tea!

The only thing my room doesn’t have is a dresser to put my clothes. Looks like I’ll be living out my suitcase for the next two months. Honestly, though, it’s really not a big deal. I think some of my fellow CLSers decided to purchase some extra hangers or even a little plastic set of drawers, but I don’t think I’ll bother. I didn’t bring many clothes anyways.

Look at this make-shift genkan!*

Aaaand my little view.

Unfortunately I am too exhausted to write any more. I promise I’ll write more and share more pictures soon!

* a genkan (玄関)is a feature in (all?) Japanese homes that separates the inside of the house (uchi) from the outside (soto). In most Japanese homes this takes the form of a little step up in the entrance area of the house, as when you enter the home you are meant to remove your shoes and leave them in the lowered area (as they are part of the “outside”). In my hotel room, although there is no step-up, there is a strategic change in carpet color to show where one is meant to remove his/her shoes. I just think it’s really cool that they managed to incorporate this into such a tiny hotel room, as it demonstrates how important these little things are to Japanese people.


One thought on “I’ve arrived in Himeji / 姫路に着いた!

  1. liam shanahan

    Dervla its smallness will suffocate you! what is this preoccupation with making everything effing small in Japan ha ha… suitcase living will be a big deal… still enjoy the experience!! Liam


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